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Brand name

Brand name

From early¡¶The book of songs¡·In about a mother's love
¡°I'm from me£¬I'm in abdomen¡£¡±
¡°From me¡±Changed¡°Cool me¡±
Now network language elements into the core brand
Makes me cool brand sense of from the page
The vigor is refreshing

Cool ¡¤ Also extremely

Cool is a kind of personality£¬The pursuit of perfection£¬Reveal personality
Type is interesting
I ¡¤ Also independently

The brand meaning

Brand interpretation

¡°Cool me¡±Because of a mother's love£¬My soul with mother heart is cool£¬
Selfless motherly love¡°Cool me¡±Details¡£
¡°Cool me¡±Blend in children grow up happy bear responsibility£¬
Let mothers no longer for love¡ª¡ª
Set up a bridge between mother and child¡£
¡°Cool me¡±£¬Is the children's close friend¡£

Have a dream that one day£¬The mother of all children diet to the health of the children no longer hesitated£»
Have a dream that one day£¬The mother of all children no longer worry for the company of children£»
Have a dream that one day£¬Cool I will cover the children to eat¡¢To wear¡¢With the education¡£

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